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332                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

seldom acquire. I seldom join a party of a few
days but the company are surprised at my flow
of spirits, indifference and self-denial; much arising
from an ironness of constitution hammered when
red-hot by adversity.

To return. H. is little resource to me. He
is a clever, fidgeting, company-seeking man | I can
be very happy alone.

All illnesses here are cured by lime and lemon-
juice. I was in a cruel state, from the insects
called Us Mtes rouges; my sleep interrupted, and
the itching intolerable. At last I was advised to
rub the swelling with lime-juice. I did this, went
to bed, and never heard any more of the business.
I have frequently cured inflammations from heat in
the same manner.

The quarrel between our governors has come
to such a pitch, that yesterday Colonel Fullarton
moved in the Council an accusation against General
Picton, for various illegal acts, condemnations and
executions, during his government, before the com-
missions came out, which must be sent home; and
ministry have no choice; they must order Picton
home for trial.

Commodore Hood, who read the motion, took
a warm part for Picton, and said it was a libel
against the Government, and he would not have